Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Some Review for C.I.N.T.A
  • touching movie especially for 'harris' part.
  • tak buang maso nyer movie. WHY? they dont put long pause which can make audience feel bored later on...
  • i was so liked when the director put connection into each character. meaning nyer.....secara tidak sengaja setiap satu watak bersangkutan dgn watak yg lain. tak nampak janggal pun and...bravo to MR. DIRECTOR.
  • dah lama tak tgk cito mcm gini.....tp satu part lagi yg lupe nak diperatikan ialah...."sinematography" others reviewer said it was beautiful scenery but i missed the moment. syok benor nak tgk watak. smp lupe plak subject tu.
  • simple film....and close to our soul.
  • haaa one thing.....lagu2 dan music selingan dlm film nie....erm....kene dan tak bape over. walaupun rasa kdg2 terganggu sket tp masih bole diterima.
  • my personal thought for this film....4 stars out of 5. (cant simply got full...xde yg 100% great. still have some here and there)

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fozalin said...

huwaaa x smpt nk ber"cinta" lai...