Sunday, October 09, 2005


Decide on your budget.
> Car price, monthly commitments, road tax and insurance.

Know the vehicle's market value.
>Thumb through the sections of Motor Trader and get a fairly good idea.note extras or equipment level. Values may vary accordingly.

Ring up.
> Determine the vehicle mileage, age, condition, service record and specification.

Bring along a friend to view vehicle.
> Always inspect vehicle in daylight. Make sure you are comfortable driving it. Listen for rattles and unusual sounds. Check exhaust for excessive smoke and see that all electrical equipment works properly.

Make sure that the vehicle engine and chassis numbers are not tampered with.
> Or play it safe and authorise an inspection of the vehicle by Puspakom or the AAM for a
reasonable fee.

Check vehicle documentation to establish the ownership.
> A newer vehicle is likely to be owned by a finance company. For older cars, make sure it is
fully paid for and seller is the registered owner.

Be cool in negotiating for the best deal.
> Never be pressured into closing the deal. If you are not happy with the price, there is always
another car around the corner.

Newer cars may come with warranties.
> Check service record to see that the vehicle is maintained at authorised outlets for warranties
to be effective.

subject will be very subjective

my lovely abang....

Ramadan 1426H

Puasa tahun 2005 tiap2 ptg hujan..alhamdulillah..takde la panas terik. raya will be expecting on the 3rd november..insyaAllah...jika diizinkanNya. berbanyak kan sedekah..amal jariah...beribadat (pada diri sendiri jgk) semoga amalan diterima olehNya....amin.......