Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Make nation relevant to the young

THERE was, umm, a wedding and also a reunion of sorts for two estranged lovers. Both events were televised live. We need not mention names here, but we know who they are.

TV stations obviously have progressed to a point where they compete for ratings but the content, in my opinion, has decidedly gone the other way.

Welcome to reality TV Malaysian-style, where the famous dictate our daily agenda.

The celebrity-obsessed culture is a manifestation of something greater — while people are not stupid, they have nevertheless become less interested in what’s important; instead, they are keener on things that would distract from knowing what is important.

This is not uniquely a Malaysian phenomenon. It is everywhere. This is not an indictment against those who see little use in being informed of the "more important" things in life. After a hard day’s work, we need to vegetate and tune out, sometimes.

This is expected when we have less worry or strife. Without challenges or a common cause, we would just be a group of people with disparate interests. Our common interest will be dictated by the lowest common denominator of who is sleeping with whom.

Now, it is possible to watch TV for days on end without knowing what’s going on in the country. The abundance of choice on TV is great. Whether it is good or bad is the question.

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